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Post by Mr Random on 27/7/2013, 00:29

if anyone has any requests for collectibles please post them in here, separate from the eBay thread for ease of access

I'm trying to find a couple of bits at the moment so if you could keep eyes about for them I'd be grateful

  1. Serious Organised Crime Agency pins,coins etc
  2. Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency Pins, coins etc
  3. PSNI HMSU pins,coins
  4. States of Jersey Police Bomb Disposal pin

and a few years ago a tiny pin (approx. 5mm) showing a spider, Redback IIRC was produced for a street crime unit 

if you see them for sale anywhere please let me know


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Re: Requests

Post by Stevie6544 on 27/7/2013, 20:33

RUC - old TSG/MSU/DMSU - there as one recently that was a puma's head, roaring - this was for a MSU formed in North Belfast. Also any HMSU, cloth or pin badges or related items. Also any TSG / HMSU team t-shirts.

UDR badges, epaullette slides or reltaed items.

If you are looking anything list it here and if one of us sees it for sale, they can flag it up to the rest.

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